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Mrs Stebbings, Carmel College


A fast paced, futuristic adventure thriller set in a world run by corporate families and ruled by Guardians.
Zen Starling, an unlikely hero, lives hand to mouth in a society where he has been forced to become a petty thief in order to provide for his mother and sister. He rides the Great Network on inter-stellar trains traveling at light speed through living (and dead) stations, through k-gates and on into new galaxies.
Zen’s life changes suddenly when he is chosen by ‘freedom fighter’ Raven to pull off a theft which will have massive consequences upon the stability of the universe. Zen is not alone on his mission – he is accompanied by Motorik Nova, sent by Raven to assist him on his mission.
I loved this book…trains with intelligence that can communicate with humans, gender switching Motoriks, maintenance spiders, drones, insects that morph into human shape…all brilliantly described by Philip Reeve and very credible in this 30th Century setting. An excellent conclusion with, thankfully, some questions left unanswered and situations set up for further development which I would hope would result in a sequel.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 06:15 pm

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