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Chloe D, Glossopdale Community College

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is a story about a twelve year old girl called Annabelle. Annabelle lives on a farm during 1943 where World War two is still in action. Although life is peaceful on the farm, Annabelle has some small struggles in her life. She is worrying about her younger brothers and avoiding the older boys at her small schoolhouse. Mostly, she is sheltered in a safe environment in the countryside away from the war. However, the men in her family have been sent to work away in the war effort so the female family members help out with the daily running of the farm.
Unfortunately, Annabelle's peaceful life is shattered when a young girl appears in school called Betty Glengary. She is a bully who was sent to live with her grandparents because her parents couldn't cope with her and neither can Annabelle. Apparently, Betty is described as incorrigible but turns out to be far worse than that and stirs a lot of trouble up for Annabelle.
Because Annabelle is a kind-hearted girl with morals, she sets out to stop Betty from framing the innocent children in her school for her actions. Toby is one of the victims who is framed for what Betty did. He is home from the war and has been faced with a lot worse than Betty but he's helpless as the hard past has left him with post traumatic stress disorder.
In the moral decision that Annabelle makes, she decides to protect Toby but this could possibly put her in a lot of trouble herself because of the lies and cover-ups she's forced to do by her own morality.
Annabelle soon learns that everything in the world isn't always fair and the idea that right and wrong are both difficult to decide. She learns that the decision she chooses to make might not always be the good one and could effect many people surrounding her, including the ones she cares about and loves. But because of how kind-hearted she is, she doesn't find it easy to handle this.
'Wolf Hollow' has an amazing moral sense with a plot that beautifully provides a great story, in general, and towards life. It's an inspirational book with incredible description and language so it's easy to imagine yourself there with them and really feel how it must of felt for Annabelle to be stuck in a dilemma where she must chose between her morals or her family.
At the the end there was a heart-wrenching true story that allows Annabelle to finally except the inevitable fact that life has a dismal, dark undertone and many people have to be strong enough to live through by focusing on the positivity. Definitely, I would recommend this book to many young readers because its an overall magnificent book and has a good lesson for life which eases you into life's harsh reality.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 07:07 pm

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