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Olivia M , Glossopdale Community College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This upsetting but yet amazing book is all about a fifteenth year old girl called Alice Nightingale who has had a whirlwind of a life so far with an head injury that takes her into a mind of her own. Alice's confusing life was hard to adapt to not just for her but for others around her as well. However Manny, who is an child solider has lost all of his family. But when Alice and Manny meet for the first time, they instantly fall in love with a relationship that is untouchable .

At first I thought that I would never enjoy this novel because I just couldn't get into it but suddenly once the story line developed more I couldn't stop reading it! It's a very engaging story and makes you feel like you are in the book yourself . I enjoyed the way that the author structured the book and how she made it really interesting for the reader .

In this book, when the story was from Alice's perspective, the author didn't use capital letters at the start of sentences which made it a little confusing at times. When it was Manny's perspective it was quite easy to understand but sometimes there would be things he would repeat. Personally I really enjoyed this book and really loved the two characters different personalities. It was definitely a very captivating novel and would certainly recommend it to everybody who wants to try something a bit different.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 09:01 pm

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