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Eliana, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

I found that this book was very similar to another book that I just read ‘The Tulip Touch’ by Anne Fine which was chosen by my English teacher. It is the sort of book that a teacher would chose as a group/class reading book. I find that the author is scared to talk about the bad things that happen in the book (death, bad news). Lauren Wolk skips the moments that the characters actually get the bad news, eg mum told me the news that had come earlier in the morning; ______ was dead. I found that, although I like books that aren’t too dramatic, the writing was based on the not so dramatic or exciting bits (how lovely the view was, how the barn looked) rather than the dramatic parts like the mysterious atmosphere that was formed or the suspense of the novel. The book was set during the war however if you weren’t told that then you would never know…it was just an extra thing that wasn’t really needed as it didn’t add anything to the novel.
However, the characters and the setting were described precisely but without wandering off the plot. You really felt attached to the characters whenever something happened to them. The setting was not as precisely described but you could definitely imagine an apple tree and the barn in the way that the author desired. I felt that where Annabelle lived was a very beautiful and tranquil place that I would have loved to live near.
The plot although some people would say it was predictable I found myself getting slightly anxious at some parts of the novel and not wanting to put the book down also shows that the book was gripping. However, the book wasn’t written with a lot of suspense which would have made it even more enticing and exciting.
The novel altogether was pretty good, however, I don’t think that it will be good enough to win.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 09:49 am

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