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Carenza, Chobham Academy Book Group


Railhead is quite unlike anything I have ever read before. An important thing to remember when reading this book is that it is hard-core sci fi and set on totally different planets, otherwise it can be somewhat confusing. Railhead is about Zen Starling, a petty thief who is enlisted by a mysterious character called Raven to steal something that could change his life forever. Zen is no longer pilfering from market stalls. He's becoming a major art thief.

One big theme throughout this book is what it means to be human. On the planets where Zen lives there are robots called Motorik. Motorik are meant to serve. They are not flesh and blood like us humans. They are merely wire dollies. Then Zen met a couple of Motorik who totally flipped his perception of the wire dollies, and he began to realise that just because Motorik are not made of flesh that doesn't mean that none of them can dream and think just like humans. I think that there is an important message to this, that message being that regardless of who you are and what you look like, if you want to be treated as human, you ought to be.

The characters in this book are all individuals, each with their own motivation and quirks. I don't think I really had a favourite character because they are all interesting and enjoyable to read about.

I found Railhead a good read, but can see why others might not like it and find it confusing. It is fast paced and can be difficult to follow as it is set on totally different planets. I would recommend this book to stronger readers 9 and above who are fans of sci fi.

Posted on: 23rd March 2017 at 05:45 pm

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