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Josie, St Bede's Inter-Church School


Release is quite a moving book, it deals with the problems of being gay in a Christian family. Its use of strong language and explicit content leaves quite a few untied ends and unanswered questions. It finishes the story nicely and leaves you completely bewildered and wanting to see what happens next.
The characters are brought to life by Patrick Ness. They are believable and quite life-like. For teenagers their age quite a lot is happening and it seems like society took a turn for the worst.
The narrative and dialogue balances out nicely, Patrick Ness' choice of words and tone convey the setting leaving a clear atmosphere.
I did enjoy the book but in some places it confuses you and changes from understandable to I did not see that coming. I think it was aimed at the ages of 13 to beyond as it deals with quite serious issues not many people can understand. Most people my age would debate reading Release. It is a good book but has some harsh content in.

Posted on: 24th March 2018 at 06:54 pm

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