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Josie, St Bede's Inter-Church School

Saint Death

Over the course of a few days this book captured me. But not exactly in a good way...

I really do not get the concept of this book it confused me and I only got a few points out of it. The characters are not very believable I did not feel like they were here standing with me like some other books. Compared to the books I have read so far, I did not really like it.

Every two chapters it would have a little blog post/ poem/ diary entry/ facts. I do not get why and I have a feeling it was written to add more detail to the story but it just gave a sense of confusion. I would recommend this to 12-14 and I think most people would like it but I have a very strong taste in books so it did not really appeal to me.

Posted on: 24th March 2018 at 07:04 pm

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