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Izzy, Northampton Academy


I picked out this book with not much enthusiasm and prepared myself for disliking it, due to the fact that I do not like sci-fi novels. However, 'Rail head' by Philip Reeve proved to be a very interesting book.
It is set in the future at about the 31st century. The plot consists of a young boy called Zen Starling from a poor background who ends up working for a man who is wanted by 'Rail Force' (sort of the police.) I think that there was a lot of action in this book which meant it was gripping. I also liked how there was a love story to go alongside this adventure. I think that Zen's character developed throughout the book because at the beginning he seemed quite naive and not truly knowing his identity, but towards the end he seemed to have learnt a lot about the 'Guardians' and the Pyxis. (How the K-gates were created)
Despite being sci-fi, I felt that the characters and the plot was very believable and I think the ending was really good as well because it was full of unexpected events.
In Railhead, there is amazing descriptions of the network and settings, however, this can sometimes mean it is very confusing as there is lots of different words and concepts that Philip Reeve has created. This does show how very well thought out the book was.
Overall, I think that this book probably won’t be one of my personal favourites but when I marked it on the assessment sheet it got a very high score. Therefore, I think this book has a high chance of winning the Carnegie medal this year.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 04:58 pm

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