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Madison J, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This was a very well thought out and creative book.

The plot is about a girl named Alice who suffers from brain damage after an awful incident when she was 12. The whole story is about her being different from everyone else and feeling as if she had never grown up since the trauma. Alice lives with her grandmother and younger brother,Joey, in most of the plot. She meets a young boy called Manny later on and he very quickly becomes an impact in her life.

I found this novel firstly hard to understand but after the first few chapters the plot starts to make sense and the characters are known and understood. I think it's extremely well thought out, seeing as both Manny and Alice tell the story and the structure of what they say and the language they use describes both characters differently from one another. My favourite character is, unusually, Bear. Although a dog, I felt as though Alice would have struggled without her to keep her company and the book wouldn't be the same. I also grew to like the character of Tilda because I thought she became very understanding and trustworthy.

Overall I give this book 5 stars because I thought it was creative and original. I would recommend this book to anyone at the age of 12 or older.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 05:05 pm

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