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Emma, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

Many refugees' only hope is a ship, the Wilhelm Gustloff, but not everyone will make it.
When I started reading Salt to the Sea I was sceptical. It seemed disjointed and its structure seemed hard to get into. I was wrong.
The plot follows four young people who have been surrounded and haunted by war. They all have different hopes but their paths are the same.
This book's layout gives the characters and the writing a further dimension. In most books the story and characters are seen from just one point of view. Having the story told from four different angles really brings the story to life. With many books that use this layout the storyline fails to come together or does so in a way which doesn't satisfy the reader. This wasn't true of this book.
Ruta Sepetys gives the characters well developed personalities. You can hear each individual voice and, after a while, you don't need to read whose perspective the chapter is from, you can just tell from the voice. I think that this is a huge credit to the quality of writing in this book.
There is a very effective use of foreshadowing in this book. It is used to give hints to the characters mysterious pasts and provides intrigue and wonder. The way that the personality and information about each character is slowly released throughout the book is a fantastic way to introduce curiosity into the plot and adds yet a further aspect to this great piece of writing.
This is one of the most emotional books that I've read. It teaches you so much about the tragedy which is largely unheard of and puts you in the shoes of the people who experienced it. You develop a connection with each character and feel what they feel. This piece of writing is truly amazing.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 06:09 pm

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