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Felicia, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

"Salt to the Sea" is a historical novel which uncovers the horrific tragedies of World War II.The more you read, the more you discover and understand.The book is about four different people who have different perspectives. This gripping story tells the reader of how people struggled to survive under the grotesque war.
These four people are all unique. These 4 teenagers all have ambitions and hopes to fulfill.
In my opinion, i think the question throughout the book is "Will these young people survive the War?"
At first when you read the book,you know how the characters are on the outside. But as you read past the first few pages, you begin to know how they they are on the inside.You learn about their personality and their ambitions. You begin to feel as if you have known the characters personally.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 06:58 pm

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