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Izzy, Chobham Academy Book Group


After reading ‘Beck’, I feel that it is appropriate to need to have parents’ permission in order to read it because it might make some feel uncomfortable. The restriction on it is 16+, however, some people under this age might be okay with the content.
The character of Beck has a rough start to life as his mother died when he was 11 years old and he never knew his father. Being an orphan, he goes to many homes and is sent to the Catholic Brothers in Canada. Here he is subjected to abuse before being sent to a Family who live on a farm. Immediately, the family are annoyed in not receiving a ‘Christian white boy’ and Beck is sent to sleep in the barn with the animals. He receives more mistreatment and racism until he leaves and sets out on a frightening and cold journey. Beck stays at several homes for the rest of the book, including staying with Bone and Irma, who are also black, where he becomes much attached until he has to leave because a dangerous situation which occurs due to their involvement in bootlegging. Finally, he meets Grace and starts to work for her.
This book explores quite a serious topic and I think the author involved the reader really well. I thought the characterisation (believability, consistency and emotions) was particularly good and I felt much sympathy for Beck throughout.
One thing about this book was I wasn’t too keen on the ending because it just didn’t seem credible and it was too much of a ‘coincidence.’

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 07:22 pm

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