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Remy, TallisCarnegie2014


Although i'm not specifically into the sci-fi genre, Railhead honestly surprised me! It is a truly imaginative book full of thought provoking concepts which kept me interested all the way through, such as the hive monks (an entity made up of thousands of insects which together to form an intelligent creature, however, when parted they become mindless again) or perhaps the railway system which is the system of travel from planet to planet, the magnificent trains which transport passengers along the lines each have their own unique personality, which makes for a very interesting range of trains which are violent or are 'star crossed lovers' as two of the trains are described as. Railhead's protagonist, Zen Starling, is a likeable anti hero who converts from a petty, small time robber to a wanted thief, stealing a priceless artefact from a legendary train, the artefact is known as the pyxis and holds an immense secret... These series of events occur because a man named Raven who sends a motorik (human like robot) named Nova after him, after retrieved Raven promises Zen wealth to support his family who live in the poverty stricken planet know as cleave, and in exchange, Zen must steal the pyxis, Zen graciously accepts the offer but does not know the huge challenges awaiting him.This book creates a world which you feel as though you are in whilst reading, the plot moves at a fast pace yet fortunately you can still understand it clearly because it is explained so well and in such depth that you know exactly what ideas Phillip Reeve is trying to convey. This book is fantastic and i would reccomend that anybody, even newcomers to the sci-fi genre, should pick this up as no matter your genre preference i assure you will enjoy reading it!

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 09:40 pm

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