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Olivia M , Glossopdale Community College

The Bone Sparrow

The'Bone Sparrow' is a very gripping book which is all about a young boy who is a refugee, called Subhi. He was born in a immigration detention centre . Other than the fence that he has seen for a lot of his life , Subhi doesn't know anything else of the world. All of a sudden a young girl called Jimmie comes to the refugee camp with a notebook that was written from her mother that she had lost . Jimmie couldn't read and hoped that Subhi could unravel all of the messages that her mother had written in there. Subhi and Jimmie find a connection that could lead them into the world that they have never faced .

At first when I started to read the few chapters I thought that it wouldn't be a book that I would enjoy or get captured by but actually I really started loving it and wanted to find out more!

The writer has chosen a message so that the reader, after reading this, is really going to be aware of what could be happening anywhere in the world today. It's a very moving story line that has you thinking the whole time that you are reading and maybe making you wonder what it was like if you where a refugee .

Personally I like the way that the author has structured the novel and hasn't made it too hard to understand . The way the author really focuses on each character is amazing and in some ways can actually make you feel as if you were there which I think is why I enjoyed it so much . I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves a story that is very interesting and moving .

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 10:56 pm

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