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Jessica , Herts & Essex High School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I really enjoyed reading this book! I found it had a slow start but soon found myself unable to put it down. I liked the storyline and the characters, though I found it confusing at some parts as to what was happening. This was mostly because the majority of the book had no capital letters for names, places and at the beginning of sentences. Other than this being annoying, this meant I was unable to realise what was what. An example of this is that I got confused about her dog which is called Bear. Due to there being no capital letters I genuinely thought it was a teddy bear for about a third of the book. On the other hand, I really liked the way the chapters changed between the characters Alice and Manny. I thought this made the book clearer about what was going on and the different characters' views on the situation. Overall, I liked the story but found it confusing in some places. I think the way the characters developed throughout the book was great but didn't really understand why it was written in the way it was. I would recommend this book for anyone. This is because it has a lot of different subjects about society and life in general. I would also recommend this book for those who are fans of poetry because of the poems Alice wrote in the book. I liked the character Joey best because he was a good friend and sister to Alice and was a main character in the story, helping his friends in the boat and in their everyday lives. I thought the character of Joey was an important part of the story and overall, I really liked this book.

Posted on: 24th April 2017 at 11:13 pm

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