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Mrs Ellyard, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

I think 'Wolf Hollow' is my favourite Carnegie book out of the four I have read so far. It is full of well-drawn characters and I felt lots of different emotions when I was reading it. I was so puzzled by Betty's nastiness - what lies behind it? Why would someone not be able to have a new start in a new place without feeling the need to be so horrible? The arrival of Betty in Annabel's life leads to a multitude of dramatic moments, turbulence and distress so that the story becomes absolutely riveting.

I loved the countryside which is the setting of the story and the time in history in which it took place. I enjoyed the way a very calm and contented girl rises to the need to make the truth come out when her existence is disturbed by one very sly, cruel and devious person who succeeds in taking almost everyone else in. I like the way Annabel would like to solve her problems on her own and not trouble other people with them, even though this is not easy.

Annabel's thought processes and decision making are very well portrayed because you can really feel her dilemmas. I got angry on her behalf at times. Luckily she is surrounded by a loving family who trust her and she is a strong character.

I like Toby too. He is enigmatic, sad, mysterious, damaged and haunting. His presence in the story makes you see the suffering of men that come back from war and never really fit in to 'normal' society again, because of the effect of conflict on them, and the horrors they have witnessed which most of us cannot even begin to imagine. They roam the country feeling like outsiders.

This book shows you that right and wrong are not always black and white or clearly defined. It illustrates the moral dilemmas that the characters face, that answers are not always easy to find, and outcomes are not always perfect. People just have to do what they feel is right and cannot predict other people's actions or reactions.

'Wolf Hollow' is a splendid book and I will be recommending it to teenagers for years to come.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 12:11 pm

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