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Giovanni, Chesterton, the EAL Adventure


The book is written in a fantastic and intriguing way that gives you many interrogative points. This makes the reader be always more interested to keep reading the story.

Who are the good and who are the bad ones? Is Raven really a dangerous thief? Are the guardians really the good creators of the world? The answer at these questions will be different in all the four parts of the book until the last pages.

What makes the story be that intriguing are the connections and common themes among all the main characters.

I personally see love as the main theme of the book as without it the story couldn’t even have started.

The main one is the love between the Guardian Anais Six and Raven: without it Raven had been a normal human being and he would not have discovered all the secrets that originated the adventure.

Then there is the love story between the main characters: the one between Zen and Nova. This is a very touching relation because one is a human and one is a motorik: a robot with an artificial intelligence.

Other love stories less “fundamental” but still important for the development of the story are the one between the two trains Wildfire and Time of Gift and the one between Therenody Noon and Kobi.

I think that crime is another really important theme as all the main characters are also considered “criminals”:

The “most wanted” criminal in the book is Raven: the one that organized how to steal the pyxis and the enemy of the guardians.

Then another really important one is Zen that since the first pages until the last ones is seen as a violent thief by this world even if in reality he is the one that regrets what he has done.

These two main themes make this book really evolved and well thought. I really enjoyed reading it as it made me interested in all the parts of the book to know what will be the next shotgun and to unlock the interrogatives that the book creates.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 12:40 pm

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