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Hope, Morgan, Kieran and Dylan y11, NDAllstars

The Wolves of Currumpaw

The cover is eyecatching and colourful. We think it would attract kids 8+.
Native Americans patterns and Western style feature heavily. The vast, barren landscape is beautifully drawn and we love the pinky colours of the sunset/ dawn. The vignettes of a bygone age show the settlers, initially friends with the natives but as time goes on and the settlers take over the indigenous peoples' lands, they end up as enemies and the natives are chased from their homelands which are industrialised, shown by the birth of the railroad.
The brushstrokes the artist uses in the picture where the wolf is surveying the bleak landscape, makes the texture of the fur look very realistic. We also liked the description of the wolves and details of their characters. The small pictures which show the planning and people involved in the wolf hunt are really interesting and the artist has captured the movement of the hunters and hunted in the illustration of the realistic, gory death of the heifer. Poor Lobo looks like he is howling as he searches for Blanca. A lone wolf, he runs through the moonlit night. The illustrations of the trapped Lobo are excellent, again, the brushstrokes portray the texture of the fur and his expression is still proud, the colours of the landscape are muted. The sunrise illustration gives a great illusion of the movement of the birds. The small, circular pictures tell the sad story of Lobo and Blanca.
Seaton is a forlorn, lonely character as he rides across the prairie for the last time, as he reflects on the damage he has done, killing the two wolves.
The glossary gives the definition of the vocabulary William Grill uses. The appendix was also a great idea, giving us the opportunity to use the information to research further into the story. We award the book 9/10

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 03:45 pm

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