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Jennifer T, The LAT Readers!!

Wolf Hollow

I adored this book. The characters and land are described enough to create a clear image in your head and the story has you wanting to read more. The author has done this by creating suspicion and excitement. The story is about a girl called annabelle that live in a quiet place called wolf hollow, this calm and quiet place is shattered by a new girl in town called Betty. Betty causes trouble and then goes missing so the towns people blame it on quiet, calm and loner Toby, so annabelle must fight with all her power to help prove Toby innocent and find Betty before time runs out. Toby is my favourite character as he is mysterious and a loner so no one knows his past. I felt connected to all the characters and whenever I read the story I travelled to wolf hollow. The book made me cry and really makes you feel all types of emotions.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 03:50 pm

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