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Amelia , Litcham School


Railhead is an outstanding book totally free from the stereotypes of sci-fi.I am not a massive fan of science fiction and so my first impressions of Railhead were clouded by that. I often don't like science fiction books because I find emotion lacking and characters not relatable. How wrong was I! Railhead is a fantastic novel that plays on dreams. I loved every minute of the thrilling ride around the galaxy. Every moment of the story is richly imagined. Railhead is set in a future in which humanity has left Earth and settled in many worlds. Zen a teenage boy embarks on a mission that changes the galaxy forever. Interplanetary travel is achieved by trains that pass through gates. The trains have artificial intelligence and as result have dreams, feelings and thoughts. This was my favourite aspect of the novel. I love how Reeve skilfully examines the feelings and dreams of the characters. We are invited to slowly peel away the layers of characters revealing their inner thoughts. There is a strong sense of wonder throughout the book, of seeing a new world for the first time. The depth of Reeve's novel surprised me. A recurring theme is artificial intelligence and whether machines can ever be truly alive. Zen travels with a Motorix (a robot) who is adamant that she is alive. The books has beautiful moments in it that steal your breath away.I liked how zen is not an innocent and straightforward hero but someone whose actions lead to death and destruction. In conclusion I was startled by this book's uniqueness and its sense of true wonder. A powerful and compelling read that showcases what is so wonderful about Sci-Fi.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 05:21 pm

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