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Jacob D, Glossopdale Community College

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is about a girl called Annabel that lives on a farm with a lot of her family, in Wolf Hollow. Her life is peaceful, that is until Betty turns up. Betty has come from the city and bullies Annabel, doing things like hitting her if she doesn't bring anything for Betty to have. However, a strange man called Toby intervenes.
When Betty suddenly goes missing all eyes turn to Toby. From here Annabel has to hide Toby. Will Toby be found and get blamed?

My favourite character is Toby because he is slightly odd and unpredictable, which makes it exciting, but he is also nice and caring towards Annabelle when she is being bullied

My least favourite character is Betty because she is nasty and wants to make life difficult for other people. Before she came to Wolf Hollow everything was calm and normal, she came and that all changed.

I would recommend this book to 9 year olds plus because it is very easy to read but are some parts that might make you uncomfortable. I found this book good because of how easy it is to read so your not constantly trying to find out what words mean and it all makes sense.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 05:50 pm

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