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Dan C., Glossopdale Community College


'Rail Head' is about Zen Starling who lives with his mum and sister but they are very poor. Zen gets the K train to other universes and planets so he can go steal things which he then sells to pay for his family's food and basic resources. Zen soon finds out he is not who he thinks he is and is confronted with many dangerous challenges.

Zen is my favourite character because as the book is focused around him you get to know him very well and there's nothing not to like about him. He finds things funny and starts being sarcastic in dangerous moments.

I didn't really like this book because, I didn't manage to understand this book and was too sci-Fi and I found it quite a childish book. I would recommend this book to 10 year old's and boys because, I don't think girls will enjoy it that much.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 07:07 pm

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