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Sandhya, Glossopdale School

Wolf Hollow

I think 'Wolf Hollow' is a good starting book for the Carnegie challenge. At first I was quite intimidated by the novel as I thought I might struggle with it. However, reading further into the story has made me understand the plot and the characters.

I was so confused at why Betty would be so horrible and is there a reason for it? My favourite character is Annabel as she is always trying to do right things and she cares about her family and friends. She likes to help when there is trouble and I think she is the type of person to make sure she can help without people getting hurt. Sometimes, Annabel's decisions made me quite irritated as her family would be there to help. But overall, most of her decisions were good.

Toby seems like a person who likes to stay a mystery. He doesn't talk to others a lot but he has a very bad past which is why I think he should talk to people more. Also, he should be trusted more as everyone thought he was the cause to Betty's disappearance.

My favourite part about this novel is that it made me more confident on reading the Carnegie books, as I was nervous that the plot would be hard to understand.

I loved this book and I would definitely recommend it to teenagers.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 07:33 pm

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