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Lewis, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This book was incredibly heart-warming as it tells the story of four friends who go through many hardships. First there is Alice, a girl who is attacked by two men and changed for ever. Her father was so angry he chased after the men and commits what he say is an ‘unforgiveable’ sin. The Police come and take him to Prison which leaves the two children, Alice and Joey to look after their elderly grandmother.

After the incident, Alice has forgotten everything, including how to read and write. However, she soon develops a talent for poetry. She writes it all down in her book of flying and leaves her notes round town. It is these notes that lead her to Manny, an asylum seeker. He reads her poetry without knowing it is her work, until one day when he recognises her at a dance class when she was having a seizure. One of the class called out her name, Alice Nightingale, which was the name he realised was the signature on all of the poems. These seizures are due to the condition that resulted from her incident, which means she is a mental age of 12 for ever.

I love the character ‘Grandma’, as she touches my heart the most. Poor Joey and Alice are left to look after her as their own mother is dead and their father is in prison. The Grandmother tries her best to be independent but is reluctant to let Doctors treat her, and so is not as independent as she might be.

I also love the character, ‘Joey’. Technically, he is Alice’s younger brother, aged just 13 to her 16 years. However, he has to look after her due to how she is after her accident. However, his interest in girls strengthens and this is when the character, ‘Tilda’ joins the story.
Finally, there is Alice. She is not perfected grammar, but her poetry is inspirational. Lines, such as, ‘I am Alice, just Alice, and nothing more’, really makes the reader think about the meaning. Also, some of her poems help to tell the story as she finds poetry easier than storytelling or speaking.

In conclusion, this book is amazing as it has friendship, tragedy and adventure at its heart and will put a smile on the face of any reader. It is suitable for anyone aged 11 plus years, due to some strong long in parts.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 08:33 pm

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