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Mia , CoLA Chatterbooks

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I really enjoyed this book because it was written from two different people's thoughts. I also liked that Alice wrote poems because it made the story sound very lyrical, something I never experienced while reading. This makes the story even better. I liked the fact that the author made different characters who have different personalities such as Hamish who is a rude and aggressive, unlike Louisa who is kind and caring. The description of the character gave a better idea of what they are like and what they look like. The book's description really helps me picture the setting of the story.

Overall I think this is a very good book because it is different and unique because it sounds a bit like a song when you read it. It also helps you visualise the characters and the setting. It has great techniques which makes it more interesting and enjoyable.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 08:34 pm

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