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Rail Head Book Review

Rail Head is a book set in the future when humans have moved on from the earth and are living on other planets that are thousands of years away from the old Earth. On these planets, they are thousands of lightyears away from each other and have to buy something called a k-train which travels the great distances by using something called the k-bhan which is like a tear in time and space.


The styles used in this book are suited very well. It is more aimed at the teen section for there are some reasonably challenging phrases and sentences in this book and I would recommend it to people of the age of 10 and up.

The plot

The plot is well constructed, it takes lots of unexpected twists and turns. The plot is very well written for example when Raven is trying to bring Zen in so he can offer him the job he puts you on the edge of your seat when the rail force train comes into the station and then brings Zen inside and interrogates him you just want to know what happens next. Also, he keeps Ravens identity very mysterious until Zen actually meets him in person.

Characterization & Setting

All the characters are very convincing and made sense for me all along the whole story line. Also, they act in character all the time and stick to their character very well in the book

Cover & images used

There were a few surprises in the book including the part when Zen, after he robbed the train decided to go and find Nova who he had fallen in love with during his time with her.

Posted on: 25th April 2017 at 08:40 pm

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