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Anna, St Helen and St Katharine


I saw this book for the first time at the tea held at Larkmead School. I looked at the cover, not my kind of thing; I read the blurb, really not my kind of thing; read the first page and quickly put it down. For someone like me, a girl obsessed with animals and anime it took me quite a while to get into this book. “Quite a while” means up to the last six chapters. It disappointed me because I felt that if it was a film it would be like “Star Wars” or “StarTrek” with sci-fi themes, different worlds and other kinds of humanoids. I would love it and not shut up about it. Sadly, with the book it was not the case as the style of writing was a bit hard to follow. On the bright side I loved the idea of Motoriks, the human-like robots and could see how realistic the humans’ reactions to them would be. The characterisation of the trains was good, with a variety of plausible personalities. I also really liked the ending. I won’t spoil it but in my opinion it was the best part of the book.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 11:11 am

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