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Lily H., Glossopdale Community College

Salt to the Sea

I really enjoyed 'Salt to the Sea', though war books are not my first choice. This book had something about it that just drew me in. I loved the fact that there are points of view for each of the four characters; Joana, Emilia, Florian and Alfred. This was interesting for me because it allows the reader to see how each individual feels during the depressing time of World War 2. They each have extremely different back stories, jobs and opinions but they all have the same struggle of life in the war.

'Salt to the Sea' is based on true events and makes the reader think of the hardship that real people went through to find safety, or in their case, an over crowded ship.
I love the way the front cover is presented and how it allows the reader to see the deeper meaning of the bird-shaped silhouettes representing freedom as they break away from the barbed wire - showing people escaping the pain and sorrow of the war to be free.

I would recommend this book to lovers of war stories or maybe even people like me who aren't the biggest fans of them, because this book may change your mind as it did with mine.

This story shows the courage that the sufferers of war can have and the relationships that can form with one another in some of their hardest times. I would rate this book 4 stars and hope to read more books like this in the future.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 11:20 am

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