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Sam H, Glossopdale Community College


'Rail Head' in my opinion is a terrible book. Although it is very imaginative and doesn't lack in ideas, it is way too futuristic for my liking. I found that when I was reading it I felt completely lost in the plot. It has minimal description of setting and other things so when reading it you don't know where you are so it is hard to get into the book. However this is just my opinion.

'Rail Head' tells a tale of Zen Starling who is from a poor family on a poor planet in the slums. Zen jumps from train to train stealing goods to help his family. One day he is captured by Raven who lives on a secret train. Zen is told to change into a different person for him. He changes to a rich person who regularly gets that train called Tallis Noon. He boards a train to steal a piece of art for Raven though nothing is as easy as it seems. The book could have been much simpler and much more enjoyable as the main plot was simply a heist so I think all the extra bits are completely unneeded.

I definitely don't recommend 'Rail Head' to anyone except people who love sci-fi or can stick with a book as I didn't enjoy it. Although it has a good general story line, that could be simplified, it is quite a hard book to read for me. Also it was hard to keep up with everything because of the small amount of description.

Despite the fact I think it is a terrible book for me, I think it could make a great film. This is because it lacks description and it is hard to keep up with. However, having a visual picture of it will make it a lot easier for people to understand and also to enjoy. But if you are up for a challenge then read this book as I would like to see if anyone views it similar to me.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 11:22 am

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