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Zaina, Chobham Academy Book Group

There is a Tribe of Kids

What I really liked in the book was the idea of having the book painted in oils and sprayed with an acrylic vanish to create various mottled textures. It is a very imaginative and a unique idea. And how the some letters were in capital but some were in lower case, as well as this did you know the pictures follow a trail it is the pictures that show the story not the words. The book does not contain many words. Some pictures are bigger than others. Large pictures and smaller panels to add effect. The collective nouns are used. Facial expression is used to add effect as in some pictures the character looks delighted whereas in some pictures the character look devastated. I like how in the front cover the child is hidden amongst a few animals as it contrasts with the title. Although I am not sure whether it is a boy or a girl it will be nice to know as in some pictures it looks like a boy and in some pictures it looks like a girl. The child imitates the animal and try's to fit in. My faviroute picture is the picture at the end of a happy family as it feels as if the child has finally fitted in.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 01:44 pm

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