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Cameron and Kyrin Y8., NDAllstars

A Great Big Cuddle

The bright colours on the cover and the little girl in her wellies and duffle coat, cuddling her toy panda would attract little children age 3+ because they could empathise with her and the pile of random toys for both girls and boys would show it is a book for their age group.
The contents pages show children doing child-like things and all the way through this book, Chris Riddell's illustrations show happy children interacting with dramatic, unusual characters which aren't boring. We like the way the illustrator uses such bright, vibrant colours to keep the child's attention, each picture using mainly primary colours. The poems are ideal for small children as they are quite basic and use a lot of repetition and onomatopoeia as well as having the catchy rhythms Michael Rosen does so well.
The facial expressions on the characters are exaggerated, showing the little ones their feelings.
The colour, style and size of the fonts used is also used to portray different emotions and are appropriate for little children.
Kyrin- my favourite illustration is of the goodbye monkeys because of their brilliant, joyful expressions.
Cameron- the blue baby monster is my favourite because the mouth is wide open as he shouts I DON'T WANT' we know he is shouting because it is in big red capital letters.
We think little children will LOVE this book and award it 10/10

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 01:51 pm

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