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Kershearer and Malik Y7., Chobham Academy Book Group

There is a Tribe of Kids

We think the cover would be attractive to children aged 6+. The shiny gold catches your eye and the brushstrokes of the shaggy coats of the kids make them look realistic.
Inside, the child's outfit looks like it is made from leaves and foliage as he dances with the penguins. The thick jagged ice is cracking and the child falls though, to be surrounded by jellyfish. We liked the way he had his clothes back on when he was sitting on the head of the whale.
The use of collective nouns is very educational, for example- we didn't know that a group of whales is a 'pod'.
The ravens look like they are escaping from danger and the boy imitates the elephants by using big leaves as ears to try and fit in. He marches with the monkeys and puts something on his nose to resemble a rhino horn and he uses a coconut shell to accompany the gorilla musicians. When the animals become unhappy, he puts the coconut shell on his back to pretend to be a turtle. All the time, he is looking to fit in with the creatures. The tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful butterfly. He uses the fireflies to light his way up the hill to the family of stars, which he again, tries to join.
We love the use of language like when he sleeps in a 'bed' of clams - very clever!
When he finally arrives at the village, he knows he will fit in as they are all wearing the same clothes as he is and at the end, they all imitate the random creatures he encounters on his journey.
We loved this book! We could read it with younger brothers and sisters and pretend to be the creatures too!

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 02:08 pm

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