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Daniela, Northampton Academy

Wolf Hollow

I really enjoyed this book because Annabelle , the main character, was bullied by a girl called Betty and she learns to stand up to her finally. But, then she finds out she had disappeared after someone had thrown a rock at Annabelle's friend, Ruth. Everyone in the town blamed strange, poor Toby and start looking for him for he had disappeared as well. Annabelle gives herself the task of proving that he is innocent. In the end when she finally proves that Toby was innocent, but it was too late because some officers had found him and shot him under a bridge. I enjoyed this book because of how Annabelle's determination helped prove Toby was an innocent man and Betty a bully. Overall, I found this book very interesting.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 03:53 pm

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