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Hannah, Exeter Cathedral School

The Journey

I absolutely loved this book. The author is very expressive.
This book is about migration. A mother and 2 children migrate to another country. They come across guards, and go overseas. It reminded me of how lucky we are. No war, no fear and no danger. I liked the way that all the other things seemed larger than the mother and children themselves. The illustrations where very imaginative and creative, especially the way the illustrator made it so the bags started disappearing every trip or ride they took. The illustrations really guided me through the story in a way. There weren't very many words, mainly pictures. The way the author works with the pictures, and the way they show what is going on. I would probably get through the story without the words. It has simple yet effective sentences, and beautiful yet descriptive pictures.
A great book, I recommend to all ages.

Posted on: 26th April 2017 at 04:48 pm

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