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Rebecca, Herts & Essex High School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The Stars at Oktober Bend is all about a 15 year old girl named Alice but something inside her is broken. She has acquired brain injury and her words come out slow and slurred. But when she writes, her words fly from her pen. She writes poems to express what she is going through but can't say and leaves them in strange places around the town. Manny was once a child soldier. He is only sixteen but he has lost all his family. He appears to be settling in to his new life in this country, where there is comfort and safety, but at night he runs to escape the memory of his past. Manny and Alice meet one unexpected night but can they be together? This book at first is slow but once you get into it is amazing. Defiantly worth reading.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 08:27 am

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