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Mrs H, Chobham Academy Book Group

Salt to the Sea

This is a wonderful book, engrossing and exciting and also emotionally wrenching.

I wasn't aware of Operation Hannibal in WW2 or the disasters which took place, and I was very impressed with the tremendous amount of research which the author undertook in order to write this story. I found the maps were quite important for understanding the situation.

What I liked most of all was the kindness the characters showed towards each other, and the coming together of the unlikely little family of refugees. I also liked the fact that most of the time I felt I was reading a novel written for adults ('old' adults like me as opposed to young adults).

I read the second half in one sitting - the short chapters made it easy to think 'just one more chapter' before putting it down. Normally I don't like very short chapters with more than one narrator as it can break up the flow, but this was somehow not the case for this book. I realised it was when I reached Alfred's chapters that I found it easiest to stop reading, as his earlier sections did not advance the plot. He was an unpleasant character but also someone I found it hard to believe in as he seemed a bit of a caricature.

It was a shame that I just couldn't get images and music from the film Titanic out of my head in the later scenes, no matter how hard I tried!

I would recommend this book for readers who like historical novels, and who know they will read about some horrific real-life events and might be upset.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 10:51 am

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