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Nancy, Loreto College

Wolf Hollow

I really enjoyed this book. It was creative and innovative, It is about a young girl called Annabelle who is portrayed as a young strong girl. She leads a calm life until a girl called Betty comes to the town of Wolf Hollow in Pennsylvania where she lives with her family. Betty starts to bully Annabelle and as Annabelle keeps it a secret, she also learns how to lie.
When Betty goes missing many start to blame Toby, a war veteran who roams around the countryside of Wolf Hollow with 3 guns on his back. But Annabelle trusts Toby and knows he is innocent.
I really liked this book as it was fascinating how a girl like Annabelle would want to have anything to do with such a secretive man.
However, I also liked how the author had written and made clear the thoughts of Annabelle when trying to get the community of Wolf Hollow to vouch for Toby. It is a great insight on what life was like in 1943 for a family who lived in the countryside.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 10:51 am

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