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The Smell of Other People's Houses

My thoughts on a depressing and emotional book ' The smell of Other People's Houses ' is that the book has a beautiful setting in Alaska was perfect for all the characters however the structure of the book could be helped with reading it. Instead, it adds a small perspective of all the characters and how some of their lives are so similar and difficult.
My opinion on the book cover is that it is very negative since it is not what I had hoped for at all. Reading the book gave another story than the cover had led me to believe. In conclusion, it is the title which made me want to read.
To be honest, I had very low expectations of this book but was I terribly wrong. The book was intoxicating with emotion. Sadly the structure of the book was a downfall since you would always have to look at what day the characters were feeling and if it linked to the other characters' story.
The plot of the story was achieved wonderfully by the author: the book was about four teens Ruth, Hank, Dora and Alyce who have very hard lives and somehow their lives became entangled with one another, and they all achieve their goals. The book moves you in a way that it makes you appreciate how lucky you are for having simple daily things like a family. I particularly like Ruth's story: it made you think the amount of fortune we have just by having a family this was shown clearly when she expressed this by saying 'I would put my lips to its heart to kiss its smooth, pink flesh hoping to feel it beating, but it was all beat out '' This represents how all the love from the animal's heart has left its body once it dies. This is exactly what happens when her father dies and her mother chose to abandon her daughters because her love was taken when their father had died. Now leaving them with their cruel grandmother which shows them no affection at all. There's one sentence which stood out the most she said '' Forgive me, father for I have sinned I have smiled at myself in the mirror today'' this sentence was such a heartbreaker for me and this is one of the reasons why the book is eye opening and heart turning. Also, the "all beat out" comes in at the end of the book too but this time it been said ' 'it is still there, my own heart a little worse for wear but definitely not beat out. '' This shows she has now restored love into her heart and life. By now starting a family of friends.

In conclusion, the book was wonderful to read and I would advise anyone to read it. However it was sometimes slow or boring and the structure was not quite right but in the end was all worthwhile because its will touch you with waves of kindness and how grateful you should be, Bonnie~sue Hitchcock is a great writer overall and her work is inspirational in many ways but the cover structure and the sometimes the writing would get poor but I would make it a must read just because of the story. Overall, it tells a beautiful story.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 01:07 pm

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