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Salt to the Sea

Being the daughter of a Lithuanian refugee herself, Ruta Sepetys reveals the horrors of war through her books. "Salt to the Sea" talks about the Wilhelm Gustloff and it's final voyage. More people were killed in the bitter, cold winter sea in 1945 than any other shipwreck, but the tragedy is not known to most. However, among the ruins of war, Sepetys illustrates the flower of hope and love that grew and blossomed out of the blood-covered snow.

This novel takes place 1945. Thousands of refugees fled to Gotenhafen to board the 208 meters of metal in the form of a military transport ship in hopes that it would safely carry them to Kiel, a naval base.

"Salt to the Sea" has 4 split narratives from four different teenagers who were involved in the war or affected by it. Joana travelled to find her mother and stumbled upon Florian and Emily in her path. The three later meet another teenager, Alfred. As their lives come together, we explore war from different perspectives and gain a better understanding as to why people acted the way they did and the effects that the violence had on the civilians and soldiers in 1945.

"Salt to the Sea" is not a fictitious novel. It is not a story. It is the forgotten past that has been put together for people to learn and recall the unfortunate events in hopes that we will not make the same mistakes twice.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 01:11 pm

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