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Leonara, St Helen and St Katharine

The Smell of Other People's Houses

I thought the plot of ‘the smell of other people’s houses’ was good. It followed the lives of different people whose lives eventually come together. However it really confused me who was who. It would have really helped me if, before I started, someone had told me that:
Ruth lives with her strictly religious grandma and younger sister Lily, after her dad died and her mum went mad. All she wants is to be remembered by her mum.
Dora's parents are both alcoholics so she lives with Dumpling’s family. Her father is often in drunken rages. She wishes she was invisible (and that there were locks on all the doors).
Alyce’s parents split up and every summer she has to help her dad in the fishing season. Though she would rather be doing the dancing auditions she doesn’t ask her dad to take her as she thinks it would upset him.
Hank is running away from his home for the sake of his two younger brothers and is stowing away on a boat for seeing orcas.
Ruth, Dora and Alyce live in Alaska in Fairbanks (until Alyce goes on the fishing trail with her dad (and her Uncle)). The book is written from their and Hanks point of view (which I didn’t realise at the start and really confused me (though that’s probably just me being stupid))
The author made the characters completely believable and apart from it really confusing me, I liked the plot of ‘the smell of other people’s houses’. Who the characters were also made more sense to me when it got near the end. However it was not one of those book which I itched to read every time you see it, I still had to force myself. I would give it 3/5.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 01:22 pm

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