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Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is centered around Annabelle, a girl who lives in Wolf Hollow, living a quiet life despite the place still being scared by the two world wars. However, when the bully Betty arrives one thing leads to another and the peace is shattered. Once Betty disappears, the blame is on Toby, and as all of Wolf Hollow turns against him Annabelle needs to find a way to prove him innocent, as well as find Betty before it is too late.

Throughout the story my favourite character was Annabelle. She had a likeable character that was also understandable. Throughout Wolf Hollow Annabelle displayed a lot of realistic traits and not once did I believe that she was being unrealistic. Besides Annabelle, Betty and Toby seemed very believable, and despite everything that Betty does she never once did anything that made her character unnatural. Yes Betty was extremely mean, but there are still people like her in the world. The same goes for Toby, despite not knowing much about him at first he remained a relatable character. And for all the characters in Wolf Hollow, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually existed in the world.
Wolf Hollow also had many scenes where I was wondering what will happen, not wanting to put the book down. So many times I was left wondering because the book itself was filled with so much suspense for me, but what really surprised me was that the flow of the book remained natural, and I could tell from the start that I'd enjoy it.

Although, personally my favourite parts of the book where when Annabelle and Toby were talking. Their conversations just seemed to pick up the heavy atmosphere and they were one of the things that got me immersed in the story of Wolf Hollow.

I'm my opinion the sadder scenes near the end seemed particularly well written. They literally moved me to tears. Overall I felt that everything that had happened in the book all tied into this scene at the end, making it a fitting conclusion to Wolf Hollow.

Despite the good points of the book, Wolf Hollow had a very slow start, even though I believe without it the end would not have the same feel to it, I personally could not enjoy it as it bored me to no end giving me a negative first impression. Yes, it turned out as one of my favourites, but the beginning was a large negative factor in my mind. Additionally, I disliked how it all turned out in the end because I am not one for sad endings, especially when they are so sad that they move me to tears.

All the way through I was completely and utterly hooked on Wolf Hollow. The characters, the plot and everything, even the faults. I absolutely loved it. But, despite the book being for younger readers, I personally believe that it should be for a slightly older, more mature audience as it covers some darker themes such as bullying, and not lightly either. This book is especially for those who’d prefer a darker, more thrilling read.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 01:35 pm

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