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Alex D, Chapter and Verse (Thomas Cowley High School)


Railhead is a very interesting book which involves a boy called Zen Starling, who lives in the future. Zen is a thief who one day comes across a strangely dressed figure called Raven who offers him the quest of a lifetime. Zen is ordered to infiltrate a train owned by the Noons and to do this he disguises himself as Tallis Noon the family's son. To get to different places in the universe Zen must use the K-Gates which are like portals. This seemingly simple task of infiltrating a train changes from a simple heist to a bloodbath.

I have never read a science fiction book before but this book makes me want to read more of them. The way it's written is very descriptive and there are long periods in the book where no 'real' action as such takes place, but the author creates a believable futuristic world which is easy to get lost in . Railhead may be a bit slow to get started but as you read it becomes more fast-paced. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in adventure and sci-fi.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 05:07 pm

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