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Maddy, Chobham Academy Book Group


I found the first thing that hit me about 'Railhead' by Philip Reeve was just how futuristic it actually was, despite this you still feel you understand what is happening from page one. I really enjoyed how we, as readers, saw how Zac's life changed through the pages of this book and how the book followed him as everything he thought was changed. I also liked how every so often the perspective of the book changed to Nova's (the 'moto'). I think that Reeve was trying to give us an insight on life and how it is not always where we expect it to be. This book was an action packed read and it made me question things (such as morals) and I think that that is a good thing. I enjoyed how the story was written from a thief's perspective, which I think was a very clever angle as it gave us a unique perspective of this new world and really added to its complexities, whilst helping the reader to understand the worlds the book was set in much better and so made the book easier and much more enjoyable to read. Overall I found the book interesting and enjoyable despite the fact that it was not my usual book genre. I enjoyed how even in this strange new universe there was still a strong 'human-ness' to in, in that the people were still people, still human, and acted so. The book was a very engrossing read.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 05:16 pm

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