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Arthur, The Skinners School

Wolf Hollow

As soon as I started reading Wolf Hollow, I couldn't put it down. I throughly enjoyed this book throughout. Wolf Hollow is a book set in WW2 and is about a girl called Annabelle. A new girl called Betty joined Annabelle's class at school and she turns out be a bully who turns Annabelle's life into a misery. As the story progresses, Betty disappears after denying throwing a stone at a German teacher (quiet ironic as it is during the war). Before disappearing, Betty claimed that Toby (a quiet adult who lives in the woods and is a good friend of Annabelle) threw the stone but Annabelle is adamant that it was the bully. The story carries on looking for Betty and trying to find Toby who they believe did it. In my view, I was quite disappointed with the ending but I'm sure other people may disagree with me. Overall, Wolf Hollow was an exciting book that I really enjoyed!

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 07:55 pm

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