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Judetta, St Augustines Catholic College

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is the story of a young twelve year old girl named Annabelle McBride who lives a simple life after two world wars. However, her life becomes under threat after a local bully named Betty Glengarry arrives as well as when a gentle loner, World War 1 veteran named Toby gets blamed and despised for Betty’s mysterious disappearance, it’s up to Annabelle to stand up for what’s right and to be the light in a world full of total darkness.

Compared to other mystery novels that I’ve read, Wolf Hollow seems to stand out mainly because it is filled with strong emotions and relatable themes such as kindness and forgiveness which truly reflects society today. The book is targeted mainly for young adults and older children but it will definitely satisfy all genders and both teenagers and adults. Although, in my opinion it is easier for children to relate to it since the book is from a young girl’s point of view.

The story is told from the first person perspective of Annabelle, so the readers are able to observe and understand her feelings and experiences throughout the book as she learns about vulnerable and cruel people in her society. The author writes Annabelle’s perspective in amazing detail, enabling the readers to learn more about Annabelle as a character and how she plays an important role throughout the book. Annabelle is a very interesting and realistic character who is the novel’s protagonist; she is a typical twelve year old who is protective towards her family and pure-hearted. Throughout the book she learns how to face fear and her kindness towards Toby, an isolated and troubled outsider in her society, teaches us that kindness is important in our lives and that we must accept everyone in society including the most vulnerable in order to provide happiness. Her light-hearted narration causes the book to become more believable.

Wolf Hollow is beautifully crafted and well-written. I was pleased with how the book is made up of so much emotion and wisdom- there is something useful that you can learn from in every single chapter.

The characters are very realistic and develop well throughout the story. There is Annabelle-the courageous heroine in a dark society, Toby- a lonely, mysterious outsider who is innocent but wrongly accused and Betty- a new student that torments everyone in order to get her own way. I enjoyed reading the relationship between Annabelle and Toby which grew stronger throughout the book. They become firm friends and are always willing to protect one another despite the consequences. Their friendship is very moving and touching especially when Toby is accused and Annabelle bravely supports him.

I have heard Wolf Hollow being described as being “full of grace and stark, brutal beauty” and “extraordinary” which I would definitely agree with. Although, this novel has quite a dark tone, it still has a beautiful storyline which should definitely satisfy everyone. If you enjoy reading mystery, historical-fiction or adventure books, then this novel should be something special for you.

The book is fairly long and generally quite a simple book to read although there are some challenging parts. I would definitely recommend it since it offers so much valuable lessons about kindness, resilience and justice. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, I will certainly remember it for many years to come.

Posted on: 27th April 2017 at 09:42 pm

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