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Finn, King Alfreds Academy

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

This is a fun light-hearted book to be enjoyed by all the family. Join Prez Mellows a boy alone in the world who never speaks. His grandfather is taken away and he is left with Temporary, a company that takes in orphans and give them to families for temporary amount of times. He goes to Stramoddie farm and meets an alien called Sputnik Mellows. To Prez he is a human but to the others he looks like a dog.
Together they must find 10 wonderful things about Earth that mean it is worth saving before galactic planet pest control shrink it. He must write these things in SPUTNIK'S GUIDE TO LIFE ON EARTH. They find the items around Scotland using Sputnik's advanced intelligence and his ability to make items work better using "the manual" (he pauses and speeds up life forms, makes flying vehicles, real lightsabers and anti bombs to rebuild Hadrian's wall).
Prez wants to go home with his grandfather but he is locked in prison (retirement home). He finds out he was lied to about going around the world.
Sputnik can't find a tenth item so they go to grandfather Mellows to look in his sea chest. It goes wrong and Sputnik leaves. Granddad escapes and goes to the beach,; Prez follows but they get stuck by the tide. Sputnik comes to the rescue and they are saved.
Sputnik leaves having found the tenth item.

Posted on: 28th April 2017 at 11:50 am

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