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Leonara, St Helen and St Katharine

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Prez- used to live with his grandpa. But after a misunderstood incident, Prez now lives in the temporary, a place for orphans or children without sensible parents. At the temporary, children get fostered for the summer by people who ‘work’ with the temporary. Prez is currently living at the Blythes.
Sputnik- is a boy who wears a kilt, a backpack and a pair of nigh vision goggles. Prez sees him as a human, but everyone else doesn’t. He comes from a different planet, that got cleared out by planetary clearance and now his mission is to save earth.
Planetary Clearance- as the universe is constantly expanding and to make room for the new planets. Sputnik’s world got shrunk by planetary clearance and now Earth is next on the list, unless Prez and Sputnik can give them 10 good reasons not to destroy planet Earth.
At the moment Prez is living with the Blythes, at a farm house. When Sputnik rings the doorbell (even though they don’t have a doorbell), Prez’s world starts to change. The mission is to save Earth (and to rescue grandad). But Sputnik’s idea of what would make Planetary Clearance not destroy Earth is not the same as Sputnik’s!
I though this book was very interesting (though a bit silly and unrealistic) all throughout except at the end, where it became too ridiculous for me to cope with. I also thought that the ending was a bit unsatisfactory. Though everything else was fun to read. For a rating I would give it 3.5/5.

Posted on: 27th March 2017 at 08:43 am

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