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Freya, Ecclesbourne School

Salt to the Sea

Ruta Septeys's "Salt to the Sea" was one of the most moving books that I have read in a long time. It follows the story of four young people (Emilia, Joana, Florian and Alfred) in war stricken Germany. Emilia was a 15 year old girl who had been running from her previous life in Poland after making up a story about a boyfriend to cover up the shocking truth. Joana was a 21 year old nurse, holding up the rest of her group, Eva, Heinz, Klaus, Ingrid and later, Florian and Emilia. She later falls in love with Florian and we know that the feeling is mutual. Florian is an artist's apprentice, running from Berlin. She gets shot by a Russian and later finds Emilia (who calls him "The Knight"). Alfred a sailor on the "Wilhelm Gustloff" which was a real ship in WW2 who later falls for Joana and desperately attempts to impress her by finding Florian which, obviously, was a mistake for him, re uniting two lovers!

The plot takes a turn for the worse towards the end as the truth about the fateful night of the Gustloff is revealed.

I enjoyed the book and would certainly recommend it!

Posted on: 28th April 2017 at 01:18 pm

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