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Lauryn, Ousedale School -Olney

Salt to the Sea

This has been my favourite book out of the three we've read so far (The smell of other people's houses and Rail head). I liked the fact that we got to see the story from four different perspectives, I think it added more depth to the story, it also helped the reader to develop an emotional connection to the characters. Overall I think that the story had a good plot line which kept me wanting to find out more.The story was very touching (particularly towards the end) and I think it really brought to life the hardships that refugees would have gone through.

Not only was the book very touching and a great read, it was also educational too. I never knew about the events of the Wilhelm Gustloff until I read this book. I think historic fiction novels such as this are an excellent way to enlighten people of horrific events in history such as this and to keep the stories alive.

Posted on: 28th April 2017 at 07:40 pm

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