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Salt to the Sea

A sorrowful story full with emotion to pull at your heart. Salt to the sea gives the insight in World War II as 4 character's life change for the better...and for the worse. Pull yourself in as you come along for the journey as 'Salt to the sea' explodes with surprises, discoveries and explains every move these innocent people take on their journey to safety through fields, war zones, ships and other landscapes- if they survive the horror that is about to take a toll on them.
I extremely enjoyed 'Salt To The Sea' as for a couple of reasons. First of all- the layout. Finding who I was focusing on in that chapter was simple due to the fact of the name being clearly printed at the start of the chapter; this was great as I could flick back to remind myself! Second of all, this story line was incredible as you could taste the sea air as I delved in to the book due to the sense of reality through the book ( it definitely didn't seem unrealistic).At no point did I find myself loose track or become confused as I have in previous books I have read- this shows this books story line is strong! Lastly, I enjoyed the characters. Each one of these characters was unique and different which created a interesting bond between them ( just to point out my favourite character was Emilia as her innocent confusion tugged at my heart strings).
To whoever is reading this book review or who may consider reading this book, you need to be prepared to jump in to fear, adventure and romance. However, your'e in for a treat as well as learning about the life of many people involved in this war! Enjoy every moment! Thank you for reading my book review! :)

Posted on: 1st May 2017 at 04:26 pm

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